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Alright guys, I’m giving out TWO Download codes for Smash Bros 3DS.

Like and Reblog to enter. I’ll pick two winners in exactly 6 hours.

Not sure if they’re region locked, but if so, this is for NORTH AMERICA!


Wind Waker AU where Link and Aryll are kidnapped and Granny dons the hero clothes to save them. 

In tfp hell


I did not make this. The creator of this comic is , I merely translated it.

These are pages from Knock Out’s Happy Time, which I mentioned here. It was available for 70 TWD at CWT31 in Taipei. I’m only allowed to translate and post these three specific pages.

I apologize for the tilt. I realized they were tilted after I was done.




I love G1 cartoon 

lol seriously

The Road to Cybertronby ZippyLIES

Take a look at the page of this artist!


so yeah wow i dID A LOT OF STUFF LAST NIGHT!!

kenhina request for pochimonster with an awkward first kiss

and then the rest are all requests from another friend of mine lmao

prompt for the midosaka one was “onoda telling midousuji he’s beautiful dmmd style (aka like with clear & aoba)” oR SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES AND IT WAS REALLY HARD AT FIRST CUZ IT’S SO WEIRD TO DRAW MIDOUSUJI….NOT BE GROSS…BUT I did what i had to and bam

and then her other requests were toumaki sleepover time and then toudou holding maki and telling him not to leave _(:3 」∠)_

oh yeah,pls full view!!! (´;ω;`)